“The Six Ethics of Life“

By: C.P. Singh, Literary Editor-ICN Group

We , the human beings ,    are ever emotion al with ,

The   owner   of Universe, The Almighty, The All Win .

We feel, we weep , we sow and reap , ever perceiving God –with,

Before I pray , any   way, I must believe –fully  in .

Words are assets , well thought and properly controlled ,

Become our liability , while picked up un weighed , given  in.

One must read, mean, consider, the words , so rolled,

Before , I speak, I must – listen the text fully –in .

In all worldly factors, money has got main significance ,

We buy and sell utilities, goods, even any task, to begin .

To run life,  eat, dress –live , maintain  and enhance ,

Before I spend, I must earn the sum  in .

All living beings, express  themselves to the world ,

Speak , signal ,sing , paint or write their live’s  – gin .

We express our feelings , and theme of our core, to the world,

Before  I write , I must think Un Din .

Every life runs with it’s day to day activities,

We work up to our abilities, to peak,  and not to bin.

Cheer  every success and mourn failures up to pities,

Before  I quit , I must try our deep  chin . 

Life’s  span is fixed, but it is unknown to any one,

For life’s success , we work hard , and do God’s –Hymn.

We need to do  all well , pleasing , but troubling  none ,

Before  I Die , I must  live Fully in my Life’s – Kin .

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