Trailer and music launch of Fairr in love

“I want to highlight the darker side of the society and hope people will start thinking in a logical way.”-A K Mishra (director Fairr in love)

Mumbai :  Under the banner of Vision Corporation Ltd, the producer Ashutosh Mishra’s Film Fairr in Love trailer and music had been launched on 9th August in Mumbai with much fanfare. The director A K Mishra, along with the leads Feroz Khan, Kanupriya Sharma and Dolly Arya were present at the trailer and music launch of the film.

The film is starring Feroz Khan, Kanupriya Sharma, Ashwin Dhar and Dolly Arya in various roles. The director, writer and lyricist A K Mishra is ready with his social drama movie. The cinematographer Ravikant Reddy has added beauty to the film with the music of Hemant Bhosle, Nehal Kumar and Umesh Mishra.

The film is social drama of a couple who belongs to different political communities who fall in love with each other. This is the story of a woman ALPANA, daughter to a Minister of Women Welfare of U.P. living in Kanpur to whom respect and honor was her pride. ALPANA falls in love with an Engineer” DEV” the son of Mahuvadi Head in India, whose family lived in Jharkhand.  After all the odds eventually the two get married against the wishes of their families later giving them nightmares. The society always cursed alpana for being infertile although the truth was that her husband  Dev had low sperm counts due to whom she was not able to conceive. But she didn’t want to demean her husband and always took the blame on her.

One night in the absence of her husband she gets raped and gets pregnant. It was mixed emotions for her, happiness of being pregnant but at the same time agitations of being raped. The circumstances were such, that she unwillingly had to accept the child or else her marriage could have been in danger since her in laws were against it, but she was still bent upon to find out the culprit. Will she be able to know the culprit? Will she succeed in getting justice? What will happen to the child?

The director A K Mishra quoted “the film is based on the social issues, of woman not being fertile, Alpana has to take all the blame of not having a baby as her husband has issues of being  infertile. This is our society who unknowingly blames the woman for such matter. He further said this type of issue should be put forward and the masses should think logically rather than blaming only the woman. By this movie I want to give a message to the society to stop being cruel to women’s and instead  start thinking in a logical way. He is quite excited with the movie and said the cast and crew has done a fabulous job. About the storyline of the film he said it’s an abuse in our society against women and this social issue encouraged me to write this novel Alpana on which this movie is based and put before the audience because people are influenced by the cinema”

The film is shot at various locations of Mumbai and Lucknow. The film all set to release  on 6th September, 2019

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