Review : FIlm Maassab on make impact issue of corruption in primary education

Film: Maassab
Artist: Shiva Suryavanshi, Sheetal Singh, Chandrabhushan Singh, And Narmadeshwar Dubey Director: Aditya Om
Duration: 114 Minute
Rating: 4 Stars

The Hindi films have always shown the corruption prevailing in the administration and the system. A new film Maassab is releasing this week based on such corruption. The film draws the attention on the decline of the primary education in the Government school of north. The film also introduces a new and fresh talent Ashish Kumar in the industry whose goal of quality education and awareness will be acknowledge by his opponents.

The protagonist Ashish Kumar has a passion for teaching and educating the children. In order to fulfill his dream, he has also given up his putative IAS government service. After his transfer to Bundlekhand, when he visits one of the primary government school of Khurhand village, he comes to know about the corruption and exploitation in the school. As the school is in a bad condition, the villagers send their children to study in the private school of the city. He gets a chance to teach in a very backward area where he encounters obscene customs, superstitions and victims of negligence and corruption. Ashish Kumar pledges to fix the primary school and joins Usha Devi, the young chief of the village.

With their hard work and dedication, they change the condition of the village’s primary school so much that later the school is able to compete with the best private schools. But with his efforts to bring positive changes, few fumed villagers plot a conspiracy against him. In such a situation, how Ashish Kumar addresses this new challenge and how he continues to educate school children even in these odd circumstances, it is revealed during the climax and it is filmed in an exciting way.

Director Aditya Om has given life to the characters and surrounding of the village of Uttar Pradesh with its dialogues and picturisation. The story talks about the evils prevailing in the society but it is not in any didactic way. The film shows the evils like caste discrimination, poverty, apathy towards girl education, conservative education, education mafia, corruption spread in government system in a very entertaining and interesting ways. Aditya Om focuses on any one evil, but attacks the corrupt attitude of the government system again and again, in the cinematic world of his character, place and story, you will find everything in real flavor.

Shiva Suryavanshi aka Ashish Kumar, who is the protagonist in the film, is starting his Bollywood journey with Maassab. He has impressed everyone with his powerful acting. The character of Ashish Kumar is equivalent to the Mohan Bhargava of Swadesh and Anand Kumar of Super 30 but this character has unlimited possibilities in which Shiva Suryavanshi has done justice with the character. Sheetal Singh plays a commendable role of Usha Devi in the film. The role of mischievous village girl alongwith an emotional side of the character has been beautifully depicted by Sheetal. The performance of Narmadeshwar Dubey as Jillardar Singh, Chandrabhushan Singh as Mahendra Yadav, Jai Prakash Singh in the role of Head Master and Sanjana Sharma in the character of school teacher Shanti Devi are also notable.
Film Maassab proves that a good film can be made with limited resources, without popular artist and popular musician. The film like Maassab stand against all the odds and shows that the content of the film is the real hero. So if you are fond of watching a good movie, then Maassab is for you.

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